About company

Ökotechnik Kft. has founded in 1998 by austrian and hungarian individuals. The main scope of activities are the environmental, wastewater treatment, distribution, dealership and service of industrial machines.
In 2004, we have introduced ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System as we continuously develop our commerce and service activities


In November 2023, our company has been acquired by Ingersoll Rand international group. In this way, most of the products in our product range are manufactured by our sister companies, maintaining a direct relationship with them. With this step, we are able to provide even higher quality services and more direct machine deliveries to our customers.


Main activities of our company:
Ökotechnik Kft. is the authorized distributor of the following suppliers, and we are selling these products with in complete units, with start up, service, warranty repair and spare parts:

Application areas:

  • Wastewater treatment plants airflow
  • Water treatment filter cleaning
  • Chemical technology, delivery of gases and mixtures, industrial air transport
  • Power plants
  • Biogas

On our application areas we expanded our offers, and we have got the dealership status for the following machines:

  • ROBUSCHI blowers
  • FPZ side channel blowers
  • PIERALISI decanters
  • OTT diffusers and membranes
  • SATTLER storages, holders and systems
  • GASTECHNIK HIMMEL gasflares and pressure intesifiers
  • FIBERCONCEPT gratings and safety floors
  • HOMA industrial submersible pumps and mixers

We manage the warranty and beyond warranty service and maintenance works. Our service is equipped with modern diagnostic instruments and devices.
We would like to contribute to the successful realization of investments by fully satisfying our customer’s needs.
Our business strategy that we have to corresponds at all times to our customers’ needs. It is our task that our staff has to accept and understand the requirements of the management system, and we have to develop our company’s operation with them. The representation of the increasing number of sold machines we can improve our system’s proper operation. We consider the introduced management system a very important mean to improve our competitiveness, and to increase the confidence and satisfaction of our customers.
We would like to change this confidence - with consistent compliance of the requirements and with develop our professional knowledge - to an association with which we can assure our company’s durable, stable and calculable future.

Ökotechnik Kft. Workshop development by EU support in Szolnok

The Ökotechnik Kft. won a 19,2 million forint tender – by the EU Regional Development Fund co-financing – the “Workshop development” named tender in frame of Új Széchenyi Terv. Within the 42.448.900,00 Ft overall budget a new workshop have been built, with building of the base infrastructure. Due to this support the competitiveness of the company grows, keep 5 workplaces, and created 3 new jobs.

The Ökotechnik Kft. primarily is distributing the machines of industrial, waste water treatment and environment. Earlier the company had to do the warranty, beyond warranty and maintenance services of the machines at a rented place. The moving of big size machines was impossible. The health attendance of the workers wasn’t comply with today’s needs. These problems with the rented place made it necessary to build a new workshop.

At the new place a new, owned lightweight workplace has built with 215,69 m2 area, part with crane designed, with material storage. To use and heat hot water the workshop was equipped with solar collectors.
A modern workshop has been built with these developments, which increase the company’s competitiveness, therefore the company could increase its employment level with three workers.